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Keijo Korte Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity, tech geek, wanderer, traveller and photographer. He has a solid experience in the cybersecurity and finance industry for more than 15 years. Currently he work at S-Group as a Principal Engineer, Application Security.

In his professional life, he loves to share the wonderfulness of DevSecOps and automation with application developers and product owners. Everything should be automated! He also loves Open Source and has been contributing to various Open Source projects.

In his spare time, he is heavily involved in organising security-related events. HelSec, registered association, where he acts as vice chairman is one of his beloved topics.

Outside cyberspace, he enjoys travelling, hiking, bouldering, and photography. Every year he needs to go on a longer trip where he can combine all his hobbies.

He lives in Espoo with his wife and two Welsh Corgi Cardigans.

Feel free to connect Keijo at Github and Linkedin. The best way to contact is by sending an email to korteke[at]pm.me

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The name of the blog is based on several incredibly brilliant realizations (haha). The Commodore 64 was my first real computer around 1988. A 64-bit, of course. The center of Finland is located at the coordinates: 64.96° N, 27.59° E. And adventuring is my passion. So, the name of the blog is 64° Adventures.


Helsec RyVice chairmanhttps://helsec.fi
Disobey RyManage volunteershttps://disobey.fi


Measuring the quality of Open Source Cyber Threat Intelligence FeedsMaster thesisJAMK

Open source projects I am involved in